Summer Cox


    Summer Cox is a self-described "inveterate and unhinged lover of kettle corn" and "a hot mess aspiring to greatness." She loves absorbing the works of self-help gurus, philosophers and spiritual teachers as much as she loves reading Harry Potter to her kids, and collecting fairy tales and picture books. Through bumble and error, she has found fun, fresh takes on timeless teachings to help others find focus, encouragement and action.

     Besides writing, Summer's favorite talent is singing. Lately that has been limited to very loud Broadway karaoke with her husband David, a stalwart tenor. When they met 7 years ago, David was a widower with six children and Summer had two of her own. Since then, they've brought the total count to 12, the youngest a beautiful girl with Down Syndrome.

 Summer, David, 4 of their daughters, 4 of their sons, and who knows how many spiders live on a hillside farm in Northern California. She has a Bachelor's in vocal music, a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy, and has clocked hundreds of hours as a therapist. She's also had two years of Waldorf Teacher training.